Please fill in the details below to apply for a stall at the Steampunk @ Altitude Festival event, completion of form does not guarantee acceptance.
    Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2024.
    Please ensure you read the Term & Conditions located at the bottom of this page.


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    How Many Days?

    Standard Stall: $25 Saturday & $20 Sunday
    Standard Stall: $40 for both days

    Vendor Stall Products

    Please give us some details on the products or services that will be in your stall. This may be used for promotional reasons.


    Please upload the following required information

    Copy of current Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million)

    1 x Photograph of stall (from previous festival, markets, etc.)

    If you would like to add additional stall images, you may add two more here (not required)

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    Bank Details:

    Account Name: Nimmitabel Chamber of Commerce Inc
    BSB: 032 720
    Account Number: 223 575
    Stall Name for Reference please

    At the time of application the stall-holder fee is to be pre-paid. Please upload your payment receipt here

    Please read and agree to the vendor Terms and Conditions, FOUND HERE.


    Steampunk @ Altitude Festival 2024.
    Nimmitabel attracts visitors from 9 am Saturday 4th May to 3pm Sunday 5th May


    Market open hours

    Saturday 4th May 9 am until 5pm
    Sunday 5th May 9am until 3pm


    LOCATION: Nimmitabel
    The Nimmitabel Chamber of Commerce hosts the festival utilising various locations around the main street of Nimmitabel (Bombala Street/ Monaro Highway) and adjacent properties, for activities and entertainment. The majority of stall-holders will be located in the Pioneer Memorial Hall.


    Information for Vendors

     Trade & Community Vendor Stalls and Displays are an integral part of the Event and provide the public with a colourful village/market style atmosphere.
    This information is to facilitate vendors’ decision to participate.

    Vendors may find accommodation at the Federal Hotel Nimmitabel which also offers free camping, nearby at the Nimmitabel Motel or the Nimmitabel Caravan Park (camp sites), Old Minton B&B (5 bedroom accommodation), or Cooma is 35km.


    Event Location & Background


    Nimmitabel’s Steampunk @ Altitude Festival is family fun for everyone! Steampunk curious, oddities, games, markets, laughter and high-jinx in historic Nimmitabel. Two days of promenading, perusing, performing, photographing and generally having a fantastical Steampunk experience.

    Come to come to Nimmitabel and experience a family friendly festival where anything can happen and anyone can join in. To be the audience, be the entertainment. Ruffled skirts, corsets on the outside, top-hats, goggles and brass cogs are all the rage at SteamPunk @ Altitude. Come dressed in your steampunk finest, although attendance is encouraged even in everyday wear.


    Steampunk is the genre, this year ‘It’s a Circus’ is a sub-theme with circus activities and workshops added to our annual fare. Free entry with on street activities, delicious food and plenty to see in a unique whimsical village atmosphere. There will be vintage and steampunk inspired games, music, competitions, workshops, interactive theatre and steampunk markets, iconic buildings and locations, plus all stores on the main street of Nimmitabel open.

    Visit our unique buildings and historic spaces, hear the Nimmity Bell toll, challenge a friend with tea duelling, or teapot racing! It’s a Steampunk Festival at the altitude of 1100 meters, from where you can see the Snowy Mountains. The village has a great history, and is only 90 minutes south of Canberra, thirty minutes from Cooma and an hour from Bega and Jindabyne.


    The theme for Steampunk @ Altitude 2024 is ‘It’s a Circus’.
    This is a STEAMPUNK festival with a Circus flare, so steampunk styling is to remain the priority for your stall.

    Please see our full program but for the circus theme there will be a Circus Troupe offering workshops, and stilt working on the street, they also have a display Airship. An entertainer will be performing two 20 minute circus inspired theatre shows daily in the Pioneer Memorial Hall, plus unicycle riding. Curios and Oddities will also be available to peruse as will the annual activities on the street, please see the main program.


    Stalls are expected to be active during:

    Saturday 4th May: 9am – 5pm
    Sunday 5th May 2024: 9am – 3pm

    For more info, programs and social media:

    Facebook: Steampunk At Altitude (including messenger)

    Mobile Alisa 0411 233 188

    Insta: SteampunkAltitude OR  email:


    Who are our stall-holders?

    We select a diverse range of art/craft, clothing, jewellery, trade and community stalls that complement each other and are in keeping with the SteamPunk theme all weekend. We also include some of the finest on the Monaro, who must have goods hand-made or produced within the Snowy-Monaro Shire. The selection and final decision of stalls and site locations is at the discretion of the Event management team.


    The following are all taken into consideration when selecting vendors:

    • Steampunk stalls based on product quality and diversity are chosen.
    • We are happy to host vendors new to this niche market if they can demonstrate their wares.
    • We encourage vendor produced items.
    • We include vendors that live within Snowy-Monaro LGA with a demonstrated product quality and diversity; their product grown, hand-made or produced with our LGA.


    For your application, the following is required:


    • Appearance and stall presentation: a photo of your stall MUST be provided when submitting Vendor application form and a photo of your PRODUCT.
    • Accurate description of products/services important. Please include a sample list and image/s with Vendor application, and a link to social media or website. Include a clear sentence that describes your business and products available.
    • Required: A copy of the Certificate of Currency for your Public Liability Insurance (minimum $10 million) showing currency for the duration of the day/s you trade in attendence.
    • At the time of application the stall-holder fee pre-paid.

      $25 for Saturday only, $20 for Sunday only. $40 for weekend.


    Nimmitabel Chamber of Commerce Inc
    BSB: 032 720
    Account number: 223575
    Reference: stall holder name


    Trading Conditions

    • The event is operational rain, hail, snow or sunshine! Outdoor Vendors should make contingency for cool daily climate to potential wet and cold weather conditions, with gazebo and sides and adequate weights or ropes.
    • Vendors are expected to be active during the times as outlined above.
    • Vendors are responsible for securing awnings, tarpaulins, doors, etc. when closed from trading. There will be no over night on-site security.
    • It is asked that each stall holder attends in steampunk attire during trading, the circus flare is optional. It can be cool in the mornings and evenings, so come     prepared with layers.
    • Stalls are expected to be active during 09:00-17:00 Saturday 4th, May and 09:00- 15:00 Sunday 5th May 2024.
    • Vendor must return stall site area to its pre-event condition. All rubbish is to be sorted giving priority to recycling of paper, plastics/glass/metal in these 2 waste             streams with only food and other refuse disposed of in garbage bins
    • No excessive rubbish to be left. If unsure regarding disposal during the weekend, please ask.
    • Vendor withdrawals must be notified to Event management at least 2 weeks prior to the Event. Please notify us if you cannot attend due to incident or injury.
    • Vendors unsuccessful in Vendor application will be advised at least 4 weeks prior to the Event and fee refunded.
    • If you offer food or tastings, it is preferred that all containers are either re-usable (there is a commercial dish washer and hot water available) or recyclable.
    • If selling food, the correct Food Handling Certificates are held and a copy provided.
    • It’s a family friendly festival, there is to be no adult content, and any overly spooky or fearful items should be minimal and out of children’s reach, at discretion of event
    • Double sized stall-holders are strictly on application only. Filling out your stall with non-steampunk merchandise will not be a suitable reason to request a double stall.
    • Blu-tak is prefered over pins for wall attachments.
    • Please ensure you state if you need electricity. Not all sites have electricity. Please bring your own extention cords and have appliances test & tagged.
    • One chair per person and one 180cm table will be provided for your use.
    • Indoor stall-holder sizes are limited to 2mx 4m or 3m x 3m. Please state if you have a preference.
    • There are theatrical performances on the stage in the Pioneer Memorial Hall from time to time which will draw a crowd and distract you and your customers.
    • There are competitions held in the Hall and on the street on occasion. You may participate if you have someone to cover your stall sales.
    • Cash must be accepted for sales if offered and electronic sales facilitated.


    Our commitment: 

    • Notification of application success or not will be emailed to all vendors. A receipt can be issued. All vendor fees to be pre-paid.
    • Mention of stall-holders and vendors will be made in the printed Event Program, on social media, our website and from stages at various times preceding and during the         
    • Set-up can be from 2pm -5pm Friday 3rd May or from 7am Sat 4th May or from 7am Sun 5th May or by arrangement.
    • Pack up is to be in a timely manner after the festival ends each day. Vendors & stall holders  may leave their wares at their stalls in the Pioneer Memorial Hall as suits.
    • There will be no on site security but the Hall will be locked at the end of the day’s  trading with no evening events held there.
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