‘Twas a brisk Saturday afternoon in the year 2021, when in the historic town of Nimmitabel, a scheme was hatched that would have consequences that no one had foreseen. For on this day, two men of dubious repute; – E.B. Farthing (Earl of Dijor) and Baron Sanjex Seratti – had been debating the abilities of their respective vehicles.

They called upon aeronautical entrepeneur – Beauregard “Busby” Beaumont – to help organise the race to end all races! One that would determine whether Farthing’s ‘Electrified Elegance’ could out-perform Seratti’s ‘Penny Farthing of Power’. From this, a note was taken to the Town Crier informing him that his services were required to help initiate the festivities.

He obliged, and with the aid of the magnificent local lady known to all as “The Duchess of Traffic Control” halting vehicles in the main street, history was about to be made! However, before proceedings commenced, a third player clad only in black, approached on his machine and requested to enter the fray. We remember him as Robert, for we hope that was his name. 😉The other gentlemen bid him to join them in their wacky wager.

There would be three now ready to take on each other for a winner-takes-all ride to fortune and glory! The starter then dropped their handkerchief, the bikes sped off… and the rest is history. Thus, the first of the now lovingly remembered “Tacky Races” was born. It is now immortalised in the annals of time on the “Steampunk at Altitude” website for all to see! What will happen this year? Will it be an even greater spectacle? Would you be game enough to take on something so foolhardy? Come along to Steampunk at Altitude 2022 and find out!


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