Tacky Race rules At Steampunk@Alitude

In morning if you choose there will a show and sine of bikes and contraptions before the Race

If you would like to park your machine for display and yes posing and accolade until 2.00pm at the Nimmy Bell so now on with the race rules

1. Obey Road rules

2. No unsafe speed racing

3. obligatory goading and taunting and Banter

4. Competitor’s bike must be decorated as well as the rider to their taste or look.

5. Must have Fun

6. Crossing the line does not entirely mean winner that’s 2 points only

7. The winner is determined by the look and feel and presentation. As well as the 2 points for crossing the line.

8. Anything can enter long it can self-propel or pedals or both so scooters or mobility chairs

9. Gender who cares just be in it. Everyone has the right to be the best weirdo or fool for attempting the endeavor.

10. Be the best poser you can before and after the event for photo ops

At the end of the race competitors assemble bikes and other contraptions at the Bell for the presentation and photos as there will be a group one.

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