Custom Sci-fi Warhammer 40k Bolt Pistol


Purity seal is affixed using a strong earth magnet, but can be removed as desired to avoid damage to the seal when not in use.

This blaster is a functional water pistol, however would not be recommended to use as such. Though the blaster has been primed, painted and has a clear protective coat applied, care should be taken to not drop or scratch it in order to ensure longevity of the paint job.

Price includes postage.

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This item is a replica/prop toy. The item has not been modified from the original other than external cosmetics, and as such all safety recommendations applicable to the original toy remain in place. Buyer is responsible for knowing whether it is legal for them to own such an item and receive it through the mail. is not Hasbro or an entity of Hasbro and is not representing the Nerf brand in any form or fashion as an official representative.

The seller is not responsible for any liability from the use or misuse of these items. Buyer assumes all responsibility for any liability from the use or misuse of these items. Recommended age 18+.

Do not aim at eyes or face. For functioning blasters, use suitable protective equipment for players or people within range.
Never use this prop in a location or manner that may be considered threatening or contravenes applicable laws.
Choking hazard – Small parts. Not for children under the age of 3 years

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